Ceremony Of Us. new writing at East Of Borneo

16 04 2014


I really enjoyed putting this long piece together for East of Borneo. Subjects include Studio Watts Workshop, Esalen Racial Encounter Workshops, Gestalt, Anna Halpin, James Woods, Civil Rights Act, LA’s Black Arts Movement, and Ceremony of Us.


With Llano Del Rio in Treehouse Residency at The Santa Monica Museum

10 04 2014

This summer, Llano Del Rio will be doing a series of events as “artist in residence” at the Santa Monica Museum, actually a tree house built in the parking lot their, by Knowhow Shop.


Back and Print and Available, Map For An Other LA

11 02 2014

Over at Llano Del Rio Collective’s website: The Map For An Other LA, which we put together in 2010 is back in print. You can get a copy through Half Letter Press.
AnotherLaMa0-Front-300aThe full-color, two-sided map sites and describes locations that support, dream, act and aid in the creation of an other Los Angeles. Beekeepers, greywater operators, hacker spaces, cooperatives, collectives, art spaces, radical places, gardens, swimming holes, cooking collectives, think tanks etc….

I + We: Collective Movement Workshops, Human Resources, January 2014

23 12 2013

I + We Collective Movement Workshop
Join and move together in power!
Human Resources Los Angeles
January 15th -  25th,

Workshop Schedule
1/15 at 6:00 pm (wed.)
1/18 at 1:00 pm with partner-yoga instructor and artist Nancy Popp (Sat.)
1/19 at 10:00 am with organizer from SEIU’s Adjunct Action Campaign (Sun.)

1/22 Opening 7-9:00 8:30 Screening of Right On/Ceremony Of Us, document of 1969 movement inter-racial encounter between Anna Halprin and Studio Watts.

1/23 at 6:00 pm (Thurs.)
1/25 at 1:00 pm with conflict resolution mediator and artist Dorit Cypis (Sat.)

I + We is an experimental and participatory political movement workshop. Borrowing techniques from dance, social sculpture, and new games, the structured hour and-a-half experience explores collective identity, play, and movement. Sign-up and participate in a workshops that will include “floor work” and “play apparatuses;” slides, ladders, masks, and restrictive toys. Sociologist Alberto Melucci suggests that in today’s alienated culture people find deep meaning and power through group identities that emerge through political social movements. I & We was first hosted by the Elizabeth Foundation in NYC, June-July 2013, with support by A Blade Of Grass

Some kind words from The LA Weekly in this listicle (#5).

Some pics from LA workshops.

Photographer Marshall Astor - I + We Final Image - Overhead Shot (1 of 18)

Photographer Marshall Astor - I + We Final Image - Overhead Shot (7 of 18)Photographer Marshall Astor - I + We Final Image (81 of 107)

Photographer Marshall Astor - I + We Final Image - Overhead Shot (17 of 18)Photographer Marshall Astor - I + We Final Image (94 of 107) Read the rest of this entry »

Llano Del Rio Asshole Fest in LA Weekly

22 03 2013
The Los Angeles Weekly covers Llano Del RIo's Asshole Festival, article by Carol Cheh.

A bunch of assholes, as posted on the wall, at Asshole Fest, 2013. The LA Weekly covers Llano Del RIo’s Asshole Festival, article by Carol Cheh.


An Antagonist’s Guide To The Assholes Of Los Angeles

5 03 2013

Over at Llano Del Rio…

Free Guide #3, Available Now-  Co-produced with Content-Object.
Cultivate a position.

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Ladder Of Citizen Participation in DC at HUD

7 11 2012
Provisions Library Sherry Arnstein H.U.D.

8 rung Ladder Of Citizen Participation climbed at Department of Housing and Urban Development, Washington DC, 2012.

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